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Two Blues Sportsmans Lunch


It's on again, the Two Blues Annual Sportsmans Lunch. The 2016 version is already spoiling us, with special guests being Waratahs Head Coach - Darryl Gibson and current Waratahs players Kurtley Beale, Israel Folau, Reece Robinson, Will Skelton and our own Two Blues and Waratahs legend Tatafu Polota Nau.

Always a fun event, the 2016 luncheon will sell out fast. So don't be late, book now to reserve your seats.

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Round 14 Match Reports - 3rd and 4th Grade v Warringah


4’s are still in with a chance to make the semi-finals, and the squad has endeavoured to give ourselves every chance.

The draw against Manly last weekend made the task difficult, so it was imperative that the boys won against Warringah.

Somewhat bemusing for men to be playing at this hour, as the only games seen being played on the trip over were Under 10’s [or younger]. I think Boona was still in his pyjamas, but with his dress sense you’re never quite sure.

Its nuts, but then I suppose we have no option other than to get on with it. Anyway, Campbelltown to Warringah on public transport should be a cinch in this wonderful, modern city of ours, no matter what the hour – n’est-ce pas?

But I digress.

After giving Warringah a couple of early tries we finally stopped yawning and produced the defence patterns that we have been practicing. The proof was in the pudding, and to our credit the Warringah side didn’t score again in the match.

Parramatta hit back with a try of our own before half time to be trailing 7-12.

We controlled possession a little better in the second half and some good forward play saw our ageless coach lead by example to score. The conversion was missed, but Tim more that made up for this by slotting a penalty in the dying moments of the match. We won 15-12 and are still an outside chance.


3’s training was simply a fiasco on Thursday night, losing many more of our blokes to 2nd grade. Unfortunately that’s the nature of this beast, and we simply had to try and get on with it.

Facing a pretty large Warringah side the boys hung in there but were never in the race. Half time couldn’t come soon enough and we spoke mainly of trying to support each other. We were hopelessly outgunned and after a brave effort the flood gates opened. We were smashed 0-65.

It’s a bitter pill to swallow when you know that factors beyond your control are largely to blame for the shellacking, and I commend you for your efforts.

We’re away again at Eastwood next weekend, so let’s see what that brings.

Boona got absolutely belted by friendly fire in 4’s. He’s OK but needed heaps of stitches and a make over. We wish him a safe and speedy recovery.

Lui, Ice Napes and Tulls


Round 14 Match Report - 1st Grade v Warringah


Parramatta First Grade Verses Warringah, 18th June 2016. Pittwater Rugby Park

Saturday was the TV match of the day and our mercurial half Kaleb Rech reached his one hundred grade game milestone. Kaleb is sitting on 91 first grade games. Congratulations on these achievements. Kaleb also gets to lead the team out as Captain Coxy is out with injured ribs. Today we also celebrate the Noddy Sawtell trophy. Noddy was an icon playing for both clubs in the 70’s and 80’s. Noddy eptimised all that is rugby.

Parra are running north to Warriewood. Fullback Tom Woods kicks to the grandstand and Warringah take the ball cleanly. Warringah show their intentions clearly about where they want to play the game and kick deep to Tom. The first penalty goes to Parra for Warringah collapsing  the scrum after 6 minutes of play. Parramatta lineout on Warringah’s 35 metre. Turn over to Warringah and Warringah spread right to the grandstand on the halfway. Warringah then take the ball forward through their forwards and No. 8 Sam Ward scores in the left hand corner on the southern end. Fly half Hamish Angus converts from the sideline. Warringah are here to play. Warringah 7, Parra 0 after 9 minutes of play.

Parra kick to the east for a Warringah lineout on Warringah’s 30 metre. Warringah spreads the ball right and fullback Tyson Davis sets up Warringah’s second try holding up the ball on the last pass. Warringah score in the southern corner. Fly half Hamish Angus converts from the sideline again. Warringah 14, Parra 0 after 12 minutes of play. The kick return sees Parra attack from the Warringah 22 metre. Parra have settled and are picking and driving from the back of the ruck. Parra drive for 5 phases of play before Parra turns the ball over with a Warringah steal. Warringah kick through for a Parra scrum on the Parra 22 metre. The game is being played at a fast pace. It’s our third game in 7 days, can our tired bodies keep this up for the full 80?

Woodsy kicks to the half way. We have to be careful with our kicks because we are just giving possession back to the Warringah back 3 who are arguably the most potent back 3 in the comp. Warringah lineout and Warringah set right running south. Warringah pick and drive. Penalty to Parra, Warringah are offside. Woodsy kicks to half way. Parra lineout on Warringah’s 30 metre. Parra bring the ball down and drive forward. Half Kaleb does not have enough options as he picks up the ball and goes forward. Parra have only had 5 minutes of possession this half. Another Parra lineout 5 metres out as Prop Nigel takes the ball forward and we are penalised for not releasing. Parra were over the ball and we needed a support player. Warringah clear to the grandstand through fly half Hamish Angus who has won the Catchpole Medal twice. Parra continue to give possession to Warringah and Warringah have had 70% of the territory.

Parra’s first points comes one minute from half time when the Warringah half knocks on and we are awarded a scrum. Lock Riley Carter takes the ball forward with a hard fought run. Warringah are penalised for offside. Fullback Woodsy takes the kick from the side line 22 metres out. The kick is never in doubt. Warringah 14, Parra 3 at half time.

The teams go to the change rooms. All is quiet as Coach Paul talks about lack of enthusiasm to do the job.  We have to be everywhere first.  First to set the set pieces and first to the lineouts. We need more enthusiasm. We are exposing the ball at the back. Warringah are too effective in this play. Hold your ground and be strong there. Greg reinforces that we are not in position fast enough. We have to be half a metre faster and hit hard. If you do this Warringah will drop off.

Warringah are running north and kick high to Parra to restart the game. Parra take the ball well. Parra need to establish themselves as the dominant side in this initial 5 minutes to send a message to Warringah that we are here to fight. Warringah kick to our 22 metre. Parra lineout and we return the kick.  Why do we kick? Just take them on! Warringah lineout. Penalty to Warringah, for Parra playing the man in the air.  Warringah line out 5 metres out from our line. Warringah bring the ball down into a rolling maul. Push over try scored by their lock Ben Adams after 4 minutes of play in the second half. Hamish Angus converts, Warringah 21, Parra 3. Not a good start, we need to put pressure on Warringah as the score line widens.

Woodsy kicks to the south towards Narrabeen. Warringah take the ball and Parra chase through wrestling the ball off Warringah. Parra scrum 5 metres into Warringah’s half. Tyson Davis knocks on picking up the ball from the back of the scrum. Turn over, Warringah are running helter skelter. Parra are trying to stop the try. Fly half Robbie Mate finally brings Warringah down with a great tackle which underlines our never give up attitude. Warringah are then still able to recycle and wing Harry Jones is able to score out wide after quick hands by Warringah backs. Warringah convert through fly half Hamish Angus who hasn’t missed a kick today. Hamish is also an outstanding link man in his ball play. Warringah 28 ,Parra 3.

The question asked, “Is Warringah that much better than Parra?” The contentious answer is no, but Warringah are able to convert their opportunities into points. Sione is replaced by flanker Daniel Tamone after 13 minutes of play in the second half. Replacing Sione means we have lost height in the lineout, however, with flanker Pat Searson and Daniel Tamone we have two terriers that are on the ball at all times. Daniel immediately enforces his presence on the field by forcing a turn over. Prop David Lolohea streams through the Warringah defence. Parra are back in the game and have lifted our tempo. The game is very physical. The Warringah full back is replaced after being bent over in a maul in a very physical cleanout from our Waratah lock Senio. Parra are starting too dominate by taking the game to Warringah. Our scrum is very strong. Parra scrum 10 metres out from Warringah’s line. We need to score from this to stay in the game. Another Parra scrum 5 metres out, right of the Warringah posts at the Narrabeen end. Parra spread left and Warringah are penalised for offside. Woodsy kicks to the far side of the field. Parra lineout 5 metres out. Parra bring the ball down into a maul. Warringah repels us again. Parra scrum 5 metres out. Parra are held up over the line, another scrum is awarded. Parra are forced back but we still have possession. We go left and wing Robert Duff scores in the southern corner. Woodsy takes the kick form the side line. He fails to convert. Warringah 28, Parra 8.

From kick return Tyrone takes the ball. Woodsy turns the ball over. This is going to hurt as Warringah kick through and keep the ball on the toe. Warringah score next to the posts. Prop Nigel is replaced and Tyrone is off injured and replaced by James Benton. James has been playing some outstanding football and deserves his place in the sun or should I say on television. Hamish Angus converts the try. Warringah 35, Parra 8.  Warringah return the kick and we knock on. The boys are becoming tired. We have had the territory in the second half but can’t turn that territory into points. Warringah scrum on our 22 metres. Warringah spread left and turn the ball over. Thank goodness for that! Parra scrum 10 metres from the Parra line. Warringah are penalised for pushing off the mark. There is 3 minutes to go. Woodsy kicks to the sideline. This is our best chance to score. Parra lineout 5 metres out from the Warringah try line in the grandstand corner. Parra pull the ball down into the maul. Warringah are penalised for coming over the top. Parra scrum 5 metres out on the grandstand side. We go left and Robbie mate scores running off the change of angle. James Benton converts his first goal on television. Warringah 35, Parra 15.

Warringah were worthy winners controlling the game from the start. You can’t argue with 5 tries to 2. Congratulations to Hamish Angus kicking 5 out of 5 goals. We competed valiantly Parra, however, we couldn’t convert our pressure into points. A plus is that we played with 15 players for 80 minutes for a change. Let’s get Eastwood.

All it takes is all you've got


Round 14 Match Report - Reserve Grade v Warringah


Reserve Grade Parramatta v Warringah

Parra is running north to Warriewood. The first penalty goes to Parra for Warringah beginning offside. Parra kick to the grandstand side. Parra turn over the ball form the lineout. Warringah scrum on the Warringah 20 metres. Warringah have a very good side and Parra will need to play up tempo football to compete with them. Warringah spread left running at pace and they make an inside pass to their centre. Warringah score beside the posts. Parra opened up on the left hand side. Warringah convert. Warringah, Parra 0 after 5 minutes.

From the kick return Warringah run the ball back and we are defending in our own red zone. We are up off our line and we are attacking, unfortunately we pass to a Warringah forward and Warringah run it back and  score in the southern corner out wide. The conversion is unsuccessful. Warringah 12, Parra 0 after 10 minutes of play. Parra first point comes from a Warringah penalty for being offside. Lock James Benton takes the kick 30 metre out in front of the posts. The kick is successful. Warringah 12, P3.

Fly half John Poe kicks to the grandstand side. Warringah take a quick throw in and flanker Adrian Musico intercepts taking the ball forward.  Johnny Poe  sets up our first try through Lucas Baxter who scores wide out. James Benton fails to convert. Warringah 18, Parra 8 after 18 minutes of play. From the kick return Parra spread right .Parra scrum on Warringah’s 30 metre on the eastern side of the field. Warringah steal the ball and Parra are penalised for going over the top. Warringah kick to the grandstand side 22 metres out from our line. Warringah lineout. Warringah spread left and bust  our defence out wide and score next to the posts. Warringah convert. Warringah 26, Parra 8 after 24 minutes of play. Just before half time the Warringah prop is yellow carded for a high tackle.  Warringah have easily controlled the first half.

Warringah starts the second half with 14 men. Parra are running south and receiving the ball. Lock Peter Brush takes the ball well. Parra lineout on the Warringah 30 metre. Parra takes the ball down into a rolling maul and the forwards go forward. Warringah are penalised for not rolling away. Para kick for line 5 metres out. James Benton brings the ball down into a mauling maul. All that training has finally paid off. The boys execute the move well and Sione scores a push over try in the Narrabeen grandstand corner. James’s conversion is unsuccessful. Warringah 26, Parra 13 after 5 minutes of the second half.

From the kick return Warringah are penalised for a high tackle. Parra line out on the Warringah 22 metres. Parra again bring the ball down into a rolling maul and spread left. Warringah are penalised for off side. Half Simon taps and runs and scores beside the posts. James Benton converts. Warringah 26 ,Parra 20 after 9 minutes of the second half. The Warringah prop returns after Parra have scored 12 points while he has been sin binned. A melee erupts on half way. Adrian Musico and the Warringah Hooker are spoken too. The ref makes the right decision not to go any further which is the right result. Good refereeing. Warringah scrum on half way. Parra roll down into the Warringah quarter. Warringah are penalised for offside. James Benton takes the kick 30 metres out and left of the posts. James is successful with the kick. Warringah 26, Parra 23. We are back in the game. The momentum has all been Parra since half time scoring 15 points in in 18 minutes.

Both sides are playing a very physical game. Lucas Baxter makes a critical save with a great ball and all tackle. Parra turn the ball over and the Warringah outside centre has been calling out for the ball for the last 15 minutes. Warringah  finally decide to take  the ball wide and Warringah scores in the Warriewood corner. The conversion is unsuccessful. Warringah 31, Parra 23. Parra are then awarded a penalty for Warringah joining the ruck offside. James Benton coverts the penalty. Warringah 31, Parra 26. There is a try the only difference. It has been a hard game. Warringah spread left and score in the Warriewood corner. Their kick is unsuccessful Warringah 36, Parra 26 with 1 minute of play to go. From the kick return Warringah knock on. Parra scrum on the Warringah 22. With 17 seconds to go, Parra turns the ball over and our backs are up flat. The fastest man on the field runs onto a great pass and he runs 75 metres to score. Our backs couldn’t catch him. Warringah score a cruel try. Warringah convert. Warringah 43, Parra 26.

After a shaky start boy settled and played some good footy. We just have to play for 80 minutes and take the game to the opposition. We take too long to warm into the game and consequently we get punished. Keep focussed, as Eastwood will test us.

All it takes is all you've got


2016 Season Draw



This week sees the first of a run of 5 consecutive weeks our Grade teams will play away. The first week is against Penrith at Nepean Rugby Park. The Colts begin a run of home games, also against Penrith this week.




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