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First Grade Match Report - Round 18 v Sydney University


Parramatta First Grade v Sydney University, 16th July, University Oval

This time last year we nearly caused an upset being denied only because of a yellow card.  The Two Blues have fielded their strongest team with Tatafu as a replacement. How good is that? Seconds were triumphant with a win on the bell. It has been a while since I have been to the University grounds. The new grandstand is simply amazing. The grandstand would look great at Merrylands RSL Club Rugby Park. President Brian can we have one please? The grandstand has a great view over the ground.

University are running to Parramatta Rd and Parra are receiving the kick. Parra set their forwards right and Uni being Uni switch the kick and kick right. Parra puts up an up & under and Parra follow through holding up the player. Parra forces a Parra scrum. Parra set left. Parra are dominant in the scrum and push Uni back. Excelllent! Full back Johnny Poe chips through to Uni on the halfway.  The first penalty of the game goes to Parra being in front of the kicker. Parra lineout on Uni’s 22 metre. Parra spread left and pick and drive recycling the ball. A great start all is going well. Number 8 Tyrone hits through from a set pieces but Uni forces a turn over. Uni kicks through and Johnny Poe puts up another up and under. I make not certain about John’s thinking in this. Kick Uni kick through forcing fly half Robbie Mate to force the ball in goal. Robbie kicks to the centre of the field and Parra follows through and makes a great ball an all tackle. Uni is fortunately able to off load and stand up our backs. Uni  score an easy try under the posts. The conversion is successful. Uni 7, Parra 0. I receive a text from a Parra stalwart  saying that at least that’s the “try in the first 5 minutes “ out of the way!

Uni returns the kick and chases through. Full back Johnny takes the ball on the full  and spreads the ball left. Parra knock on for Uni scrum on Parra’s 30 metre on the eastern side of the field. Uni instigate a worked move splitting Parra’s defence, however, Uni  butcher the try by not following through. Parra scrum on our 22 in the centre of the field. Parra are still dominant in the scrum forcing a scrum penalty against Uni. Hooker Aaron Blacklock would love that having been part of the scrum  a few years back who were repeatedly penalised and gave up a succession of  penalty tries against Uni. Parra can be proud! Uni are again penalised in the scrum. Great work boys! I love this! Parra lineout on halfway on the grandstand side. Tyrone makes a break through the centres. Parra is doing well as they receive another penalty for Uni not releasing. Here’s a big chance for Parra to score with a Parra lineout on Uni’s 5 metres out. President Brian is trying to keep the baby quiet as Parra bring the ball down into a pick and drive. Parra spread left to the back. Turnover! Don’t give it to the backs boys, punch it up the centre and bruise Uni. Uni’s scrum 10 metres out from their line near the posts. Captain Cox catches the Uni centre. Uni kick for line to get out of trouble on the eastern side. Captain Cox is having a blinder as he forces a Uni turn over. His work is wasted as the dread chip kick is implemented (DCK). Uni pick and drive.  Tatafu is watching from the sideline. I probably would have had Tatafu in the run on side.  Uni would have been looking for him and not thinking about their game.

Parra are settling into the game. With the exception of Tatafu we have our best possible team on the field. Parra are giving the game their best shot. We are settling into the game and appear more composed. The view from the grandstand is unbelievable you can actually see Parra has good structures. It is visually apparent! I wonder whether we could float the grandstand down the Parramatta River to Granville. Parra receive another scrum penalty. A yellow card is coming. Uni do a Michael Cheika and replace the tight head prop. Parra is in good field position and we do not find touch. Criminal! Uni 22 metre drop out. Uni kick deep and Johnny Poe is kicks to halfway.  A 50 metre net loss of territory. Centre Frank Winterstein rips the ball from the Uni back. He passes to No. 8 Tyrone who goes forward and passes right.  Aaron Blacklocktakes the ball into the ruck. It comes out then goes to wing Robbie Duff who is stopped 3 metres short of the Uni line. Parra scrum on the eastern side 5 metres out and 5 in. Great play as we come off the back of the scrum. Holy cow we lost it! A try went begging. Parra lineout on Uni’s 30 metre after 35 minutes of play. Parra set right and pick and drive. Turnover, Uni spread the ball and their Hooker Folau Fainga ‘a scores against the run of play. Uni convert Uni 14 Parra 0.  The half time bell sounds. It heart breaking the. The score doesn’t reflect the evenest of the contest

The half time score is Uni 14, Parra 0. Parra assemble on the side for the half time talk. I stay put. It is too far to go. So I interview a Uni supporter who discloses that Parra always physically smacks Uni even if we beat you. There is always 2 or 3 in rehab during the following week. Uni excel in their fitness. They have an off season weight program for all grades and all grades are expected to take the game away from the opposition in the last 20 minutes. Not a bad thought!

Parra kick off running north. We then play aerial ping pong as we trade kicks resulting in a Parra lineout on our 5 metre. After 1 minute of play. Parra brings the ball down into the maul. John Poe kicks to the grandstand. Uni lineout. Uni bring the ball down into a rolling maul. Parra are penalised for offside. Uni lineout on our 20 metre. Parra scrum on our 8 metre. We are going backwards. Parra puts up an up & under. Parra are penalised for offside on halfway. Uni lineout on our 5metre on the eastern side. Uni bring the ball down into a maul again and pick and drive. Uni score next to the posts. The conversion is successful. Uni 21, 0 after 5 minutes. Uni strangle you. Let’s recap: Uni scored a try in the first 5 minutes, then a try in the last 5 minutes and now a try in of the first 5 minutes  half of the second half. A very good sign of a good team that can determine their own destiny and display patience.

In regathering the kick off Uni kick for touch. Parra lineout on halfway on the grandstand side. Parra go forward from the lineout and Uni are penalised for hands in the ruck. Parra lineout on the Uni 22 metre on the grandstand side after 8 minutes of play. Parra are penalised for holding on. Uni lineout on 30 metre, grandstand side. Uni knock on. Parra scrum 28metres out from Uni’s line. Parra set right. Parra then put on the razzle dazzle spreading left then right. Wing Josh Minhinnick scores in the right hand corner. The kick is unsuccessful. Uni 21, Parra 5. Uni kicks high from the restart. Johnny Poe takes the ball and kicks out. Uni lineout 5 metres out from Parra’s line. Parra forces a turnover and Uni are penalised for offside. Good work Parra!. Parra lineout on Uni’s 30 metre on the grandstand side. Tatafu is on replacing Pat Searson as flanker. Parra put up an up and under and all it does is give Uni the ball. Uni spread right and then bring the ball back left to score in the far eastern corner.  The conversion is successful. Uni 28, Parra 5 after 16 minutes of the second half.

Uni kick into touch for a Parra lineout on half way. Parra set from the lineout using No.8 Tyrone as an impact runner and we knock on. Uni scrum on halfway.  Parra take a tighthead and Uni are penalised for a scrum infringement. They are then penalised again for back chatting the referee. Great work! Take it to them boys! Coxie takes the scrum on Uni’s 22 in the centre of the field. Parra penalty for Uni being offside. Parra tap and run and we cough up the ball. What else is new? Aaron Blacklock is yellow carded for lifting. This Aaron’s fourth straight yellow card. He might be missing a game next year. Is there a carry over? It would be interesting to find out how many games we have played this year with 15 players for 80 minutes. Not many! Uni tap & run. Uni are penalised for offside at the breakdown. Parra get out of gaol and kick for line. Parra backs play army golf or windscreen wiper. They only go from left to right but not forward. Both sides are becoming undisciplined as they play AFL with the ball going in all directions. Uni scrum on Uni’s 22 on the eastern side. Uni spread left and centre Frank Winterstein forces a turnover with a great tackle. Parra scrum on Uni’s 5 metre. Parra penalty, Uni offside. Parra take scrum centre of the field 5 metres out. Penalty to Parra. Parra taps & runs. Tatafu runs straight and Lock Sevaro Domoni scores next to the posts. Robbie Mate converts. Uni 28, Parra 12.

From the kick off Parra knock on. Uni scrum on Parra’s 30 metre on the grandstand side. Parra don’t number up and Uni go left and use their pace out wide and score. The conversion is unsuccessful. Full time score Uni 35, Parra 12. Well done boys, you did your best. Turn over ball killed us again. We were dominant in the scrum and I believe the best pack in the competition. You have beaten the reigning premiers and Australian Champions twice. You are now respected a football team. All the best to the boys who make the Rams. Work hard in the offseason.

See next year.


Reserve Grade Match Report - Round 18 v Sydney University


Parramatta Reserve Grade v Sydney University Parramatta 28 (L Taituave, S Fifita, H Cole tries; J Benton 2 goals 3 pen goals) Sydney University 28 ( 5 tries, goal)

High Guys, I cannot tell a lie. I missed your game. I thought I might get away with if I watched the DVD, but that didn’t happen. I did talk to players after the game about how you all played. I know prop Hindy set up the winning try with his run down the grandstand try before going into touch. This gave the team good field position for hooker Liu’s try in the last play of the day. Riley Carter reported to me he was the best and fairest player but didn’t mention he got yellow carded. Andrew Vatuvei and Trent Winterstein had big games. I guess the only way to document your game is to fast forward to James Benton’s kick in the dying moments of the game. The conversion is on Facebook. I asked James what he thought when he knew he had to covert to win. James was happy to talk about the loss to Easts. He said at Easts he took too long to take the kick. The kick against Uni James said he wasn’t going to do that. That’s why he took the kick quickly so he didn’t have to think about it. A great season James!

If I was the coach of Uni I would be really upset! Five tries to 3 their goal kicker must have been the player’s player (lol). I know boys from my enquires your set pieces were great and your pick and drive were excellent. All Uni’s tries came from kicks or broken play. Winger Hayden Cole scored the first try after 20 minutes in the first half and James converted a penalty. Half time score Parra 8, Uni 5. The second try came through Winger Sione previously Number 8 scoring a great wing try. Parra 14, Uni 11. Riley about now is yellow carded. James kicks a penalty. Parra 18, Uni 17.  James converts his third penalty. Parra 21, Uni 21 . Uni score and convert their only goal. Parra 21, Uni 28. Last play of the day Liu scores off a dick and drive with 2 minutes to go. James quickly converts and Parra seconds beats Sydney Uni in the last game of the season before the finals. Well done boys! You have a good a few defensive lapses cost you during the year. Easts were minor premiers and you nearly got them. All looks good for next year.

All it takes is all you've got


3rd and 4th Grade Match Report - Round 18 v Sydney University


Whilst packing the gear, the boy and the wife at 7.00 on Saturday morning, I couldn’t help worrying about whether we’d have the numbers to put up a decent show. It’s the last games for the year, playing against Sydney’s best, away; and all at an hour when you’d normally be watching under 8’s. The planets are going to have to align to pull this off.

Arriving at 8.15, I wasn’t the first, so at least I had someone to talk to. Players kept trickling in, and around half an hour before kickoff we had more than 15 players. By kickoff we even had reserves.

Our blokes started really well, and it took a couple of lucky breaks to give Uni the opportunity to score. We had our own chances close to the line but unfortunately we weren’t organised enough to put on some points. We always seem to have trouble once we get within striking distance. It’s either a poor choice, a dropped ball or lack of options that plague our game.

Uni had a 14 point advantage at half time, and increased this further with another try and a penalty. To their credit our blokes kept on trying and Bryce was rewarded with a try late in the second half. This bloke’s a great player and it’d be great to see him commit more often. Well done.

The score ended up Uni’s way 7-24.


The third grade game was listed to start at the same time as the 4th grade game finished. It would have been interesting to see how we would get our blokes off and then down to the other ground. Captain Pete explained the situation and the ref was very understanding and for that I’d like to thank him. We started a few minutes late.

Seven fresh players are what we took to the field– the boys who played 4’s backed up to make the numbers. Our fresh front-rower who’d been delayed, arrived after five minutes, so we then had eight fresh players. You beauty!

Things did not start well and although we looked competitive, the Uni team soon scored some tries. They created a couple and swooped on a dropped ball to score the third. Parra then hit back with a really hard run from Gez, running onto a good ball from George. The break saw Uni in front by 7-28 after our blokes conceded another late try.

The second half was very entertaining. Uni scored and then so did we. Our scrum started smashing Uni’s and after some really good controlled play Vila crashed over next to the posts. Converted by Ryan [yep Aniseko kicked a goal] we were certainly not being outplayed. Unluckily for us, Uni scored again. However not to be outdone, late in the game we scored our third try. An interesting decision from Hindy saw him decide to put a grubber through, where another miracle occurred – Gez gathered the kick, ran through and around to score under the posts. Proving the theory that good things come in three’s Hindy then ‘toe poked’ it over.

There will be a meeting convened by The Front Rowers Guild, where Hindy will be charged with bringing this austere group’s name into disrepute. The chairman once won a ‘Man of the Match Award’ and did not even handle the ball at all in that game, so I don’t like Hindy’s chances of a favourable outcome.

Oh by the way, the score finished 21-41.

I can only heap praise on the blokes that came to play in the last round. In similar circumstances to last year’s last game at Easts  27 players did the job and represented your Club proudly.

This will be my last report for the Club, and I’d like to thank the 3’s n 4’s playing group for having lots of ‘the right stuff’. To Lui, Ice and Napier I thought we did everything we possibly could, and I can’t thank you enough for being there when the times got pretty tough. You guys are what this Club’s all about.

That’s all Folks


Lui, Ice, Napes and Tulls