Memberships & Supporter Packs

Get behind the Two Blues and show your support by becoming a member today, with a variety of options to suit show your true colours by becoming a club member.


  • Lindsay Morgan
  • Dennis Walker
  • Richard Hayward
  • Malcolm Astle
  • Brian Blocklock
  • Liz Entwhistle
  • Victor Kirk
  • Scott Lawson
  • Peter Thompson
  • Timothy Holdowden
  • Glenn Mullany
  • Sefo Setefano
  • Jake Richardson
  • Peter Johnson
  • Billy O’Farell
  • Joe O’Farrell
  • Sense Rugby
  • Stephen Morris

Two Blues Members

  • Doug McNaught

Vintage Blue Members

  • Greg Baker

Royal Blue Members


  • Please advise your size for merchandise associated with your membership

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