Eric Tweedale Campaign 1 - Rugby Development Officers

Recently 12 Rugby Development Officers were let go from their positions in New South Wales leaving no Development Officers to support and nurture our game.

The Two Blues have sought to take the initiative and lead to put Rugby Development Officers back on the ground in Western Sydney via launching the Eric Tweedale Campaign (1).

This important campaign has been designed to allow the Two Blues to secure appropriate financial funding to facilitate putting Rugby Development Officers back on the ground in Western Sydney over multiple years. It is crucial that we rectify this in Western Sydney which is an extremely at risk and vulnerable region in terms of Rugby participation.

The program is set up via the Australian Sports Foundation (supported by the Australian Rugby Foundation) and is named after and endorsed by oldest living Wallaby and Two Blues Patron Eric Tweedale who was instrumental in the development of Two Blues juniors in their formative years.

It is critical that we seek to grow and sustain the game via building familiarity and engagement via positive experiences, actions and participation at the grass roots to ensure the viability and sustainability of the game across all levels. In Western Sydney we need more kids seeing the game, being aware of the game, playing the game and enjoying the game.

The importance of development can-not be underestimated to the impacts (participation) on the future of the game at all levels. To grow the game we need kids to see the game to enjoy the game to want to play the game and continue playing the game, without our Rugby Development Officers visibility of the game is diminished.

Juniors > Colts > Grade > Super Rugby > Wallabies, Wallaroos, Aussie 7s.

Our aim is to have the ability through the support of the Rugby and Corporate Community to fund Rugby Development Officers for Western Sydney with the charter to rebuild the presence of Rugby in the region, having a direct and localised presence in schools and junior clubs and building close ties to the community. We seek to arm the DOs with an ample box of fun including appropriate equipment and consumables and the tools necessary to put rugby not just in front of junior eyes but to leave a lasting rugby imprint within their hearts and minds with Rugby their game of choice due to the imprinted positive experiences given to them.

You can support this important campaign via donating to the program through the Australian Sports Foundation and sharing amongst your networks.

Your support is greatly appreciated.