AGM Notice

*AGM Notice*

Two Blues Rugby (Parramatta District Rugby Union Football Club) gives notice that a meeting of its members (the AGM) will be held at:

Time 6:30 PM


Venue: Merrylands RSL Club Eyes Down Room

Due to restrictions on the number of persons permitted to attend the meeting venue those wishing to attend or those wishing to receive Board of Director Nomination forms are required to please register your attendance or request for nomination forms by the following link required to be submitted by Wednesday 10th March 2021.

Register your attendance here:


1. Welcome and opening.

2. Confirmation of previous minutes

3. Confirmation of the Finance report.

4. Election of Office Bearers for 2021.

5. Appointment of auditors for 2021.

6. General Business.

7. Close of meeting.


1. The Business affairs of the Company and the custody of it funds and property shall be managed by a Board of Directors consisting of a minimum of seven (7) and a maximum of ten (10) Directors who shall be elected from amongst the members of the Company, and in accordance with this Constitution, at the Annual General Meeting each year.

2. The Board of Directors shall elect one of the Directors as President.

3. At each Annual General Meeting, all Directors will retire from office. A retiring Director will be eligible for re-election.

4. A candidate seeking election as a Director of the Company must lodge with the Chairman a written nomination signed by two persons eligible to vote at the Annual General Meeting and also signed by the candidate. If the prescribed number of candidates for the positions of Directors are not nominated, those so nominated will be declared elected and additional nominations for the remaining positions may, with the consent of the nominee or nominees be made at the meeting. If there are only the requisite number nominated then, the persons nominated will be deemed to have been duly elected to that office. If there are more nominations than the prescribed number of vacancies then an election will take place in accordance with this Constitution.

5. The following persons only will be entitled to vote at any General Meeting of the Company and to be nominated for election as a Director:-(a) life member of the Company;(ii) financial Ordinary Members of the Company who have paid the annual subscription (in accordance with Rule 14(b) of this Constitution) or are deemed to have paid the annual subscription for that year;(iii) persons deemed to be members of the Company by virtue of the provisions of this Constitution;(iv) playing members who have paid their annual subscriptions and registration fees for the current year.

Welcome to Season 2021

Welcome to Season 2021

Welcome to season 2021. We are excited for the year ahead with the completion of Eric Tweedale Stadium highly anticipated over coming months. The squads have been putting in the work behind the scenes and we welcome returning and new players with the club seeing several new recruits join the Two Blues looking to play premier rugby and represent Western Sydney.