Two Blues MRSL

Out Of The Blue - May 22

A big "thank you" this week to the Cox and Gillett families who continue to supply supper for the after match functions. It was great to see so many players stay back including Warringah for the formalities and it is truly inspirational to share kava with those present.

Thank you to Brett, Peter Gillet and Tim Holiday for giving up their free time to build us a new stage and hall way for the new change room. Granville is slowly coming back to a welcoming ground to our players and supporters. Tim Holiday will be ordering the new canopies for the shade structures this week. We will be looking at having a working bee very shortly, as we want to make one of the back garages into weights room. It is also a good opportunity to have a drink.

It would be very interesting to see how many penalties we get in each grade as we must be averaging 2 yellow cards per game. Parra we need to be more disciplined, we are only making it harder for ourselves. I know its passion; however, surely we can do something about it.

After Fourths’ rendition of our club song, we will be having some singing practises very shortly.

The Phantom


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