Two Blues MRSL

Out Of The Blue - May 15

The bus ride to and from Granville is a ride to experience. The departure time was to be 9am. By the time everyone arrived it was 9.15. Then there was  a call there were 4 players on the train and they are at Strathfield, can we wait: sure. Time ticked on, a few more players arrived. It's now 9.30am, we can't wait any longer. The Strathfield group is
nearly here. We will meet them at the station. We drive to the station. A couple of more ciggies and still no show, we've got to go. No trains but 2 more players find the bus. This it, we have go now, the missing player is now at Granville. Ok! let's go, the bus driver has to make a u-turn and off we go. The player is not at Granville hard luck we
have footy to play. We leave Granville at 9.50. We arrive at Foreshaw Park, with no further problems.

We will leave the ground at 6.00 pm after the speeches. Southern Districts were very generous to us and wished us all the best in the future. We had a large number of players stay for the post match function. We still are Parramatta proud. It was great. Souths won the boat race and Andrew Cox spoke very well. He will be in demand as an after dinner speaker when he retires from Rugby. Andrew is very magnanimous in defeat.

The bus ready to go, our numbers have grown, there was a really good feeling on the bus. We will be back. Richard Just took control of the entertainment with a singing game called "You Dead Sheep". It was very entertaining and lasted until Granville which is no major feat. A good day was had by all. See you on the next trip!!!

The Phantom

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