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Out of the Blue - April 24

Golden Jock Strap Nomination: Mark Hartill


It was brought to the Phantom’s attention at the Penrith game of our first grade coach’s gymnastic ability. Whilst watching First Grade at home against Sydney University, Mark was sitting on the hill on a chair behind the goal posts. In the first few minutes someone in our team did something stupid and Mark jumped to his feet with his arms in the air outstretched. He then proceeded to sit down in the squat position missing the chair.  Mark went into 2 perfect backward somersaults that would have made Nadia Comaneci proud. Marks legs were perfectly together with his head tucked in. At the end off the tumbles Mark again threw out his arms in the round off position. Two young girls were watching and they laughed their heads off. Mark was heard to say to them that he had done gymnastics as a young boy with a big smile. Yeah, Mark! and I bet you excelled at the Roman Rings also.

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The Phantom

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