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Out Of The Blue - April 17

Saturday was our first home game and with that comes a lot of work. You couldn’t say that Granville Park was in pristine condition. Our honoraries need a special mention for the unseen work that they do. Frank Lawson for marking the main and top oval along with Joe Scott who helped for the Souths trial and Uni home game. There are hours of work in these tasks. Ian “Mouse” Clarke for mowing and whipper snipping around the oval and amenities. It's because of Ian and Frank there is still a reasonable surface at Granville.  Lorraine Holman for giving up her Friday afternoon to shop and all Saturday for working in the canteen and doing it for the last 23 years and bailing us out when there wasn’t any one else. Peter Moore and Brett Gilbert for setting up the BBQ for Saturday and working all Saturday on the BBQ with the new “Blues Burger”. To Brett and Ben Gilbert for fixing the referees room door after the  break in.


A special mention to Brad “ Moose” Martin for coming out on Thursday to repair the showers, toilets and months of blockages from tree roots.  A plumber extraordinaire. To Johnny and Steve for dressing the playing field and returning the gear.  On game day to Alan Minett for being announcer and time keeper and to Margaret Minett for looking after the sin bin and working in the canteen. Peter Koen for organising the ball boys and Greg Baker for working in the canteen , Joe Scott for working the gate all day and Stu Murray for being Match Day Controller.


What about the after match function? A big thank you to the Cox and Gillett families for cooking, supplying and serving the savouries for the after match speeches. They did this all last year and it very much appreciated.


Golden Jock Strap Award


NSW Rugby has a procedures manual for game day operations. Part of our club obligations is to supply 3 Gilbert match balls for the day. Colts had theirs but no was aware who was responsible for grade. Peter Gillet first picked up on it for Seconds but it was compounded in Firsts when Ben Johnson from our ball boy team said that we are supposed to have 3 game balls and we only have one - no one wanted to take responsibility. Come on - a ball boy telling us the rules, what next?


Every one assured every one else that we had 3. Well, where are they? One was returned to the canteen, First Grade warmed up with one and we were now playing with the third. However, there still was only one. We couldn’t borrow colts as Eddie had already packed up and gone. Oh well! if it can go wrong it will go wrong at Parra, we only had one and we weren’t about to tell Uni, who looked to have boot load of Gilberts.


Then when you thought nothing else could happen just before half time Uni put up a high ball into the in goal area, it went too far and the Gilbert  was stuck in the tree 20 feet up. Free drinks for anyone who can get it down, no luck. Amazingly after Firsts grind to a halt, Uni might have thought were trying to slow the game down. Then suddenly  a Gilbert comes form the crowd. Still only one ball. After the game is over Ben Johnson ball boy magician walks up with 3 Gilberts and wants to know where we want the 3 Gilberts put. Mate, you are in charge of them every home game.


Just as a side highlight when we use to play and train at Cumberland Oval which the Leaguies burnt down (don’t get me started) and is now Parramatta Stadium, each team only had one ball and if you were feeling a little buggered the word would go out for a miskick to go into Parramatta Pool. There would be a good 20 minutes for a breather while someone climbed the fence to retrieve it.


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