Two Blues MRSL

Big Al's Best Ever v Muncher's Best Ever

A number of people have asked us to show Big Al's team side by side with Muncher's team.                          
  Big Al's Best Ever Two Blues Muncher's Best Ever Two Blues
1  P Kay  P Kay
2  T Polota-Nau  T Polota-Nau
3  E Tweedale  J Morgan
4  P Clements  G Melrose
5  K Elliott  K Elliott
6  T Cahalane  T Cahalane
7  R Price  R Price
8  D Price  J Mann
9  P Cooper  G Goddard
10  T Melrose  B Selby
11  M Martin  M Martin
12  R Phelps  M Catt
13  R Andrews  M Carter
14  R Batterham  B Coggins
15  A Leeds  A Leeds
16  G Morgan  P Ferris
17  L Walker  A Minnett
18  G Melrose  K Shoveller
19  D Lowery  M Campton
20  M Campton  A Cox
21  G Goddard  A Holman
22  B Selby  T Melrose
23  M Knight  S Podmore




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Tuesday, February 23 2010 @ 04:11 PM GMT

 to munch and big al to very fine teams, although there is some close calls,but if anyone would know it would be you blokes,im sure we would have gone ok if we could have got those blokes together, to me the only misfit was munchers 23 but we can talk about that later, llr chew